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{✄} — Oh, why now? On his one day off, he had
to run into this— this little brat. Imagine if his hand
accidentally slipped and his scythe plunged right 
into the kid’s chest—

          “Since when do you wander around without your butler? Don’t children need to be accompanied by an adult?”

Insulting me like this, when Sebastian is not around?  How flattering that you took some time out of your surely very busy day to speak with me.❞  Cue the roll of vibrant blue orbs, gazing at the darkening evening heavens above the two individuals for a matter of seconds before directing all attention back to the obnoxious reaper who stood complaining before him.  ❝What is your business here, anyway?  It isn’t like you to spend your time in the back alleys of London.❞  He wasn’t sure why he was inquiring this of the girl, or why he was pretending to care so much; but, oh, to Hell with it.  After all, the Earl had a good bit of free time this dusk, and if he wanted to spend it speaking with a dangerous ginger Death God in a tiny backstreet in the highest crime city in Europe, then so be it. 

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"I asked for the story. Not every name, time and clothing choice. Don’t be daft, Ciel."


A low  growl was elicited from the male’s throat as he grew aggravated at the other male.  ❝When you asked for the whole story, I presumed you were implying that you wanted the details as well.❞


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Skepticism clouded the jester’s features. Something seemed off. “N-no, I mean if you really are sick, but you look fine to me. Maybe you should go see Doctor first.”

No, no, I’m sure all will be well without him.  I’m positive I’m sick and it’s just a cold or something of the sort so I wouldn’t want him to waste his time checking up on me.❞  The bluenette turned his back on the ringleader, a scowl continuing to tease the corners of thin lips. ❝Surely losing your least talented member of the circus for only about a day won’t bother you much.  Can Black not fill in for me….somehow?❞



"Ill?" he said. Outstretching his flesh hand, he felt Ciel’s forehead. It didn’t seem like he had a fever or anything. "Smile, you better not be lyin’ to me."

Would I lie—?❞  The young Earl questioned, as though he didn’t take advantage of and cheat practically everyone he came in contact with.  ❝I only really need one day off.  I wouldn’t want my illness to turn out to be contagious and get anyone else sick, you know.❞


I would rather not perform today.  I’m feeling the slightest bit ill—

He isn’t ill.  
            He just wants a lazy day.
                                     ….He’s sort of doubting he’ll be allowed it.
Faking being sick is tedious, after all.


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candid photo of Ciel and Alois by お宅 凉

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◤вℓση∂ ρяι¢к◢: 

A hand came up to request silence, “I don’t need the details.”


Then don’t ask for them.


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